NOCO Genius Boost Sports GB20 400 Amp 12V Lithium Jump starter Review

NOCO Genius Boost Sport GB20 – A Jump Starter For Motorcycles & Cars

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We have discussed already the NOCO genius GB40, and so far it was a good device to jump-start your vehicle if the battery dies. It is always an irritating situation when the car battery dies, and you are in the middle of the road. You must have a device to jump-start your vehicle in an emergency situation. The purpose of this NOCO GB20 car jumps starter review is to help you in finding the best device that will bring the dead battery to life.

Jump starter NOCO Genius GB20 Features:

Let’s see what features the users get after purchasing the NOCO Genius GB20 jump starter:


The NOCO Genius jump starter weighs 2.4 pounds which makes it 8 times lighter than other jump starters available out there. It is smaller and lightweight which means you can take it anywhere along freely.

Easy to use:

The NOCO Genius GB20 jump starter is super easy to use. You just have to connect it to the power unit and it is ready to use. How to use instructions are not complicated, so anyone can use it to jump-start the vehicle when the car troubles hit.

Well-built design:

When you see the NOCO Genius GB20, you find the design sturdy and compact. Its well-built design indicates that it will last for a longer period.

Pretty decent performance jump starter:

You may find it not the best among other NOCO creations in the line. However, it delivers a pretty efficient performance. Just connect it with the battery and see the action in seconds.

For other vehicles:

It is a jump starter that can be used to start different kinds of vehicles up to four liters. You can start:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles

It can also be used to start lawnmowers, garden equipment, and ATV’s. The NOCO Genius jump starter can charge the devices such as:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops
  • E-watches
  • Tablets
  • GPS

Zero spark technology:

The safety of the users must always be a priority for every company. GB20 is the jump starter with zero spark technology that makes it ultra-safe. The reverse polarity protection is to ensure that you get no harm while connecting the device to the battery. Thus you can operate a GB20 jump starter without worrying about hurting yourself.

LED flashlight:

You are stranded on the road in the mid of the night and want to see what is wrong with the engine. You need a flashlight to check what has stopped the car. GB20 comes with an ultra-bright LED flashlight with seven modes. It includes the emergency strobe and SOS as well to help you out in awful situations in the dark.

The device also has the heavy-duty precision clamps that are compact and strong. You can store them in the car glove box for an emergency.

NOCO GB20 lithium jump starter Specifications:

  • Brand Name: NOCO
  • Features: NOCO Genius B20
  • Model: GB20
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Amperage: 400 Amps
  • Manufacturer part number: GB20
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Vehicle type: Car/ATV
  • Extra features: USB port &LED light
  • Color: black

It is interesting to know that the NOCO GB20 is the direct replacement of NOCO GB30. The device is powerful enough to start large vehicles such as cars and trucks that are up to 4L. It is a mini pocket sized jump starters designed to start the dead batteries of your vehicle safely. The high-density NOCO lithium-ion battery can hold its charge for up to one-year duration.

12v Jump Starter NOCO Genius Benefits:

NOCO Genius GB20 is a compact, powerful device that delivers 4650 joules. Here are the benefits of NOCO jump starter:

  • Reverse-polarity-protection
  • Recharge your smartphones, laptops, and tablets, etc.
  • Provides up to twenty jump starts on a one charge
  • Has LED flashlight (100 lumens) with seven modes (includes SOS and emergency strobe as well)
  • It has the spark-proof technology

400a Jump Starter NOCO Genius GB20 conclusion:

You are searching for the best car jump-start that is easy to use, tough and versatile. Then NOCO Genius GB20 is the just-right jump starter for you. It is the jump starter that can be dependable in times of emergencies.

Though it is not the only device introduced by the NOCO genius, they have manufactured other devices as well. Some of the NOCO Genius products are much better than the GB20. But it does not mean that GB20 is not the jump starter for you.

It offers features that can help you out in emergency situations. When you have to inspect something in the engine of your vehicle in the car at night the LED flashlight on the device helps you.

As far as the final verdict is concerned best, lithium Jump Starter NOCO Genius GB20 is available at a reasonable price on Amazon. It is a bit less impressive than “NOCO Genius” other devices. However, it accommodates you in situations when you get stranded on the road.

It is pretty decent in the performance and jumps start your battery in seconds. It’s no spark technology ensures that you are safe while connecting the clamps.

An important thing to state here is that the NOCO GB20 is the best to use for gas engines up to 4 liters.

Pro Tip: Do not use NOCO Genius GB20 for diesel engines.

Pros & Cons of NOCO GB20

Needle-Nosed Battery Clamps
Micro USB Cable
Microfiber Storage Bag
User Guide & Warranty Information
LED Flashlight
Folding: No

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