Truck PAC ES8000 1500 Peak Amp 24V Jump Starter

Truck PAC ES8000 Best Heavy Duty Jump Starter for Truck Review

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If you own a vehicle, you know how bad a situation can be when your vehicle refused working and you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Instead of waiting for hours for help to come you should have a jump starter in your vehicle for such kind of situations.

Let’s talk about a heavy-duty jump starter that can help you out in such harsh conditions. You may have come across many reviews, but this is one of the best jump starter reviews.

Truck PAC ES8000 1500 Peak Amp 24V Heavy Duty Jump Starter for Truck
Truck PAC ES8000 1500 Peak Amp 24V Heavy Duty Jump Starter for Truck

Features Of The Best Vehicle Jump Starter

Whenever and wherever you need a jump starter and no matter how harsh the temperature is the Truck PAC jump starter can help you out without waiting for someone to come to the rescue.

It provides dedicated 24-volt power. It also has an ES series of batteries that offer superior performance and extended cranking power. Not just that but this jump starter also comes with the automatic charging feature which makes it easy to keep the jump starter in the always-ready state.

Renowned Truck PAC Durability

The Truck PAC is also very durable. It can withstand not just the harsh environments but also can stand up to daily use for longer periods. It features robust components and rugged construction to withstand all of such harsh environments.

It also features battery status LED and automatic charging which make handling this jump starter easy for you. To provide it lasting protection, it is enclosed in an impact-resistant case.

Bring On The Power!

This auto jump starter makes use of ES series batteries. In extreme service situations, this jump starter provides the 24-volt power to jump-start your vehicle.

Truck PAC ES8000 1500A Heavy Duty Best Jump Starter Review
Truck PAC ES8000 1500A Heavy Duty Best Jump Starter Review

Features Of The Best 24 Volt Heavy-Duty Jump Starter

The features that are included in your very own 24v jump starter are mentioned below:

Operating Temp. -20˚-115˚F

Your very own jump Truck PAC jump starter is all set for the harshest situations. Sometimes you need to go to a place where the temperature is either low or is very high.

In such situations, the regular jump starters can say no to operate. Here you need something to start your vehicle so that you continue moving on and have your work done.

The Truck PAC jump starter is always there to help you. You can easily use it in any kind of environment either with low temperature or high temperature. It can function in temperatures as low as -20˚F.

Hot Jaw Clamps

When you get into some kind of harsh situation, you can’t even go ahead or back with your auto because your vehicle has refused to work all of a sudden. You need something that can jump-start your car and get you going.

Well the Truck PAC 1500 peak amp is the best car jump starter that can help you jump start your auto immediately. It has hot jaw clamps that are industrial level. It means that the jaws of the clamps are LIVE on each side.

While being LIVE on each side ensures you to give the maximum power transfer to your auto.

Extra Long Cables

Not just the features mentioned above but your very own ES8000 also comes with an extra-long cable. During jump-starting the auto, you may want some ideal position. To get the ideal position, you need a long cable. That may not be possible with a standard auto jump starters.

Because they do not support this feature. Well, it is no longer difficult as the ES8000 auto jump starter has an extra-long cable. That allows you to position it perfectly so that you can easily jump-start your vehicle. Isn’t it great, huh?

Automatic Recharging

Sometimes you may get lazy and forget charging your jump starter. You don’t realize that your auto can shut off anywhere in the middle of the road where you can’t find any help.

And when you realize, it is too late. You are standing in the middle of nowhere, with no other vehicle or help around. That is the time you start hating everything. Because you need to wait eagerly for the tow truck to come to your rescue or some other stranger.

Well with the Truck PAC, this issue is gone forever as this jump starter features the automatic charging convenience.

Now you don’t need to worry about the battery to get low as it can charge the battery automatically. Also, you don’t need to worry about the battery to get overcharged as it turns off automatically when the battery is fully charged. With the help of this feature you always get your jump starter in a ready state no matter where you are.

High-Performance ES Series Batteries

Whenever a technician needs a jump starter to start a vehicle, the jump starter has to work every time. Believe it or not, this is the reason the technicians go for the Truck PAC or Booster PAC jump starters more frequently than anything else.

The Truck PAC comes with the ES series batteries. These batteries are specifically designed for the auto jump-starting mechanisms. These batteries enable them to countenance repeated professional use over extended periods.

In the fleet garage, in the shop, or on the construction place, Truck PAC jump starters make their standing of a reliable brilliance jump after jump.

Specifications Of The Heavy-Duty Jump Starter

The key specifications of this auto jump starter are as follows:

  • 1500 Peak Amps
  • 24-volt operation
  • To jump-start, your vehicle, the ES series batteries are used. These batteries are specifically designed for an auto jump start.
  • Four hundred cranking amps
  • An LED included to let you about the battery status.
  • Automatic recharging
  • Industrial level hot jowl clamps
  • 54in #4 AWG wires
  • Automatic Recharging
  • Extra Long Cables
  • Hot Jaw Clamps (Industrial Grade; means that the clamp jaws are ‘live’ on both sides)
  • Operating Temperature. -20˚-115˚F
  • High-Performance ES Series Batteries
  • 24V Jump Starting
  • Cable Length 54″
  • 12V jump-starting
  • No 12V Power Port

I hope you will find this jump starter reviews helpful enough. Believe it or not, but the Truck PAC auto jump starters are the best choice you can ever make to get out of the harsh situations if you get in the one.

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