Stanley J309 JUMPiT review

Stanley J309 JUMPiT 600 Peak – Should You Buy this Car Jump Starter?

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Stanley J309 JUMPiT review

Stanley J309 JUMPiT specifications:

  • Brand: Stanley
  • Model: J309
  • Contained Battery Type: Lead-acid
  • Power Type: DC
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Clamps: Heavy-duty clamps
  • Amperage: 300 cranking amps
  • Voltage: 12V and USB outlets
  • Peak Amps: 600 amps

Getting stranded on the road with the dead battery at night is the most frustrating situation no one can ever want to experience. No matter what the reason for a dead battery is, it leads to an exasperating situation.

How to counter the situation? You cannot take the risk when you are traveling with the family. So it is better to purchase a jump starter of your own.

Stanley J309 300 amp jump starter Introduction

Stanley J309 JUMPiT is one of the best car jump starters with loads of features that provide high-end performance. The device comes with a variety of power connections so that you could easily power up all small devices/gadgets.

It is a significant jump starter to have in your car trunk. Because it gives you the peace of mind that you will never have a problem to start your car dead battery.

Stanley J309 JUMPiT jump starter features

Take a glance at the features of the Stanley jump starter and decide by yourself that you should buy it or not:

  • The device is designed with durable and tough housing.
  • It delivers 600 Peak Amps.
  • It delivers 300 amps starting power.
  • It is a lightweight jump starter, and you can easily store it in your car.
  • It has both 12volts.
  • Stanley J309 JUMPiT jump starter has USB ports to charge your electronic devices such as mobile and tablets etc.
  • The reverse polarity system warns you if you connect the clamps incorrectly.
  • It has high powered LED emergency lights.
  • The device also has a power indicator.
  • The Stanley jump starter has metal-coated clamps.
  • It also has a Built-in 120V AC charger.

It is the solution to the dead batteries when you are in the middle of nowhere, and the car battery dies.

Stanley 300 amp jump starter design

The Stanley J309 JUMPiT jump starter provides the 300 amps instant starting power. It has 600 Peak Amps. It means that when your battery is discharged, you can bring it back to life using this practical jump starter.

It is designed with a durable and tough housing that makes it a device that lasts longer. For a safe and steady connection, the device has clamps made of metal. The heavy-duty clamps give a steady connection to the car battery.

Also, the device has a high powered LED flashlight that can be rotated 270 degrees and used in emergency situations. The process of recharging the unit is not that complicated. An audible and visual reverse alarm warns the users if he has connected the clamps incorrectly.

What Customers Say?

Stanley J309 JUMPiT 300 amps jump starter is a practical device to keep it in your car glove. According to the users, it worked well for them. They said they did not need any truck or a car to jump starter their vehicles.

Just connect it to the dead battery of your car get back it to life again. Well, it is a rational decision to spend money on buying a jump starter for you instead of calling someone to get help when the road troubles hit.

According to some of the users, it is a bit noisy device. The exciting thing is that the jump starters not only bring life back to the dead batteries of the car but also can be used to charge electronic devices including mobiles and laptops etc.

Another disadvantage the device has is that there is no charging cord supplied. On the other hand, the unit is compact, and you can take it anywhere with you in the car. It is simple to use, and the instructions written in the manual are crystal clear. It is a budget jump starter anyone needs to prevent road troubles.

Should You buy the Stanley J309 JUMPiT?

If you have a tight budget but searching for the extra features, then consider buying the Stanley J309. It gives you peace of mind in situations when you do not want your car battery to refuse to start the car.

The extra features of the device allow you to power up the other small devices. It has a system to warn you if you connect the clamps incorrectly.

You can find it at a very low price. So what are you waiting for? Check your budget and grab the device right now to enjoy your outdoor trips without fearing about the dead batteries.

  • LED Battery Level Indicators
  • 3 USB Charging Ports
  • Power ON/OFF Switch
  • Reverse Polarity LED Indicator & Audible Alarm
  • Heavy Duty Clamps & Cables
  • Air Compressor: No
  • Folding: No

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