Best GOOLOO Jump Starter review + where to buy + are they worth it.

GOOLOO Jump Starter – Is it really worth Buying?

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GOOLOO is a relatively new company making jump starters. It is operational for about the last half a decade. They have a wide range of products in the market right now, that compete with industry leaders in battery chargers and jump starters. GOOLOO Jump Starters are very lightweight, compact, and portable. But, You’ll find a GOOLOO Jump Starter as the best for your vehicles and your electronic gadgets.

Right now GOOLOO has released many jump starters to be able to fulfill the nowadays car battery needs, electronic gadgets, and customer budgets as well. So, here I am going to mention the latest and best of them only.

1. GOOLOO GP4000 Jump Starter

The GOOLOO GP4000 Jump Starter is one of the latest and one of the most powerful in GOOLOO jumpstarters. It can jump-start Cars, Motorcycles, RV, Tractors, light-duty trucks, mowers, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boats, yachting, etc. It can be used to start all vehicles having any gas engine or up to 10.0L diesel engines. It provides a peak current of 4000 Amps and can be used multiple times in one charge.

Main Features of GOOLOO GP4000

  • Suitable for all gas and up to 10L diesel engines.
  • It has advanced safety protection systems.
  • Produces up to 4000A peak current for few seconds to jump-start battery.
  • It can charge other electronic devices as it has built-in dual USB ports of which one is Quick Charging Port (QC3.0).
  • It also has a Type-C USB Port which is used for both input and output. i.e. Charging electronic gadgets OR charging itself through the provided Type-C USB wall charger.
  • Emergency LED light has 3 modes. I.e. Solid, SOS, Strobe.
  • Charging level indicating LEDs.
  • Compact design
  • Battery Capacity of 99.2 Wh

Pros & Cons

Here are the things that we like or dislike in Gooloo 4000A jump starter.

Portable, handy, and compact design.
It can jump-start from motorcycle to car, yacht, or truck. i.e. any vehicle having up to 10L diesel or all gas engines.
Can be used as Power Bank.
18 months of warranty included.
Nothing up till now. Although some users have found their unit not what they were expecting. So they replaced it OR refunded the money.
GOOLOO GP4000 Jump Starter Unboxing

2. GOOLOO GP2000 Upgraded Jump Starter

The GOOLOO GP2000 Upgraded jump starter is also one of the latest models of this brand. It provides 2000 amps of peak current to jump-start a battery. It is suitable for Cars, Motorcycles, RV, tractors, light-duty trucks, mowers, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boats, yachting, etc. I.e. Vehicles having up to 7L diesel engines or 10L gas engines.

You can jump-start a battery up to 20 times on a single charge. It can also be used as a powerful charging bank for your electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, GPS, cameras, etc.

Main Features of GOOLOO GP2000

  • It has smart clamps that provide many protections, like, reverse-polarity protection or over-charging protection, etc.
  • It produces 2000 amps of peak current for starting battery.
  • It has dual USB ports, of which one is Quick Charge USB Port (QC3.0) with backward compatibility.
  • It also has a Type-C USB port for both input & output.
  • It is said to be super safe because of the many built-in protection systems.
  • Has an emergency LED light with 3 modes: SOS, Solid, and Strobe.
  • Device charging indicating LED lights.
  • The internal battery capacity of about 19,800 mAh.
  • Compact design

Pros & Cons

Here are the things that we like or dislike in GOOLOO GP2000 2000A peak jump starter.

Portable and compact design
Can be charged by both DC & AC.
Smart cable clamps with many protection systems.
Can charge electronic devices through dual USB ports.
Quick Charge USB port (QC3.0) which is compatible with backward versions 2.0 and 1.0.
No warranty mentioned.
Some users complain about its internal battery going flat after jump-starting.
GOOLOO GP2000 Video Review

3. GOOLOO GP200 1500A Peak Jump Starter

GOOLOO GP200 1500A is a portable smaller version but powerful supersafe portable car jump starter. It can be used for Motorcycles, RV, tractors, light-duty trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boats, and more. It works with up to 6L diesel engines and up to 8L Gas engines.

Its peak current is 1500 Amps and it can jump-start vehicles up to 30 times in one charge. This starter is also known as Emergency Life Saver.

It also has a 20800 mAh battery capacity and can be used a powerful charge bank for your electronic devices.

Main Features of GOOLOO GP200 1500A Peak

  • Advanced protection systems for overcharging, reverse-polarity, overheating, etc.
  • Produces 1500A Peak current to jump-start a battery.
  • Has a battery capacity of 20800mAh.
  • Built-in Display for showing status of the jump starter, like its volts and current capacity, etc.
  • USB Quick Charging Port (QC3.0) for super-fast charging of electronic devices.
  • It’s a power bank to charge your electronic gadgets and a portable battery booster for your vehicle’s battery.
  • Works pretty well with up to 6L diesel engines and up to 8L Gas engines.
  • It has an LED flashlight for emergencies.
  • Durable and compact design.

Pros & Cons

The things that we like or dislike about GOOLOO 1500A Peak GP200 are as follow.

Compact, durable, and portable design. Even it can fit in your glove box.
76.9Wh battery capacity.
Can be used as a powerful power bank for your smartphones and tablets, etc.
It has dual USB ports (one is QC3.0), a DC outlet, and an LED flashlight.
Longer standby time.
12 months warranty.
...silence here... If you have experienced anything, please let us know in the comments below.

Final Words about GOOLOO Jump Starters

GOOLOO jump starters are great. They work like described. That is the reason it is getting so much popularity in a short time. In fact, it is affordable with a lot of features.

If you have experienced anything strange with any of these, please share them with us too.

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