Audew 2000A Upgraded Car Jump Starters, Jump Box 2000A Peak 20000mAh Battery Charger Automotive

Audew 2000A Jump Starter Review – 20000mAh Ep155

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Audew 2000A Upgraded Car Jump Starters, Jump Box 2000A Peak 20000mAh Battery Charger Automotive
Audew Upgraded Car Jump Starters, Jump Box 2000A Peak 20000mAh Battery Charger for Automotive

We recently saw this multi-functional Audew 2000A Peak portable jump starter. So thought to review it thoroughly. Because it seems to be having many features yet still very compact, and besides, it is relatively a new brand.

The Audew 2000A Peak portable car jump starter (Audew EP155) has a huge 20000mAh battery capacity and offering a 2000A peak current. This Audew jump starter is not just capable of jump-starting your car, but it can also be used as a flashlight, and as a power bank in emergencies as well. As it is one of the premium quality and a multi-functional jump starter.

According to its advertised features, it can jump-start all gasoline engines and up to 8.5L diesel engines. You can use it to jump-start your 12V vehicles like RVs, tractors, lawnmowers, speed boats, passenger cars, or trailers, etc. You can jump-start up to 40 times in one full charge cycle.

Specifications of Audew 2000A 20000mAh EP155

Audew 2000A Jump Starter Specifications
  • Modal: EP155
  • Peak Amperage/Current: 2000 Amps
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Internal Battery Capacity: 20,000 mAh
  • Weight: 1.3 lb
  • Product Dimensions: 11.02 x 5.04 x 3.86 inches
  • Suitable for: Passenger Car, Tractor, Trailer, RV, Lawnmower, etc.
  • Jump-starting Capacity: All gasoline and up to 8.5L diesel engines.
  • Extra features: USB Ports, Type-C Port, LED Flashlight, Smart Clamps that provide many protections.
  • Warranty: 24 months of warranty + 90 days refund warranty.

What you get in the box with the Audew 2000A

Audew 2000A Upgraded Car Jump Starter whats in the box

The device comes with a hard carrying and durable case that houses the charger itself. You get the following in the box with the purchase.

  • Audew 2000A 20000mAh EP155 jump-starter
  • Smart Clamps jumper cables
  • A cigarette lighter adapter
  • Wall adapter
  • USB-A to USB Type-C cable
  • Type-C to Type-C USB cable

You can use the provided cigarette lighter adapter to charge vehicle devices like cooler or tire inflators. You can plug it into the 15V/10A port of the charger.

Carrying Case

audew multi-function jump starter box

The Audew Charger comes with a zippered carrying case. It has rooms for the charger itself and jumper cables separated by a soft flap to avoid scratches.

But if you are also planning to include the charger, USB cables, and cigarette lighter adapter, there won’t be any room for storing these in. However, you can just add some small USB cables there.

audew multi-function jump starter foam insert

At the bottom of the case, there is a foam insert. It protects the Audew jumpstarter from being scratched or damaged if you accidentally drop the case.

Overall the carrying case is small and compactly designed which can fit in your glove box easily.

Audew Portable Jump Starter

Audew 2000A Jump Starter with its case

If you look at the device itself, you’ll notice it is not like some other overly flashy device. It doesn’t feel cheap but instead a sturdy and rigid device. It’s ABS case seems to be stronger enough to withstand scratches and damages if dropped.

All usb ports

All the USB ports are conveniently located beside the LED flashlight. While the 15V/10A charging port is located on a side with the power button. The intelligent jumper cable port is located on the other side of the device.


If you flip over the device, you’ll see the device specifications along with the precautions and certifications.

Audew 2000A Jump Starter Display daylight

A high transparent acrylic lens covers the display with more than necessary space. The display is actually a little bit dim if you are using it in the daylight, which might be problematic for some. The acrylic cover looks like a magnet for the dust and fingerprints, which seems like it’ll scratch easily here. So avoid touching the display side if you want to have a clean device.

Audew Intelligent Jumper Cables

Audew 2000A EP155 jumper cables

Like many other jump starters, the Audew intelligent jumper cables are also very small. It is basically to avoid current losses while jump-starting a car. The 8-gauges wires are used in the cables. While the clamps are sturdy and rigidly designed protected by a plastic covering.


These are actually intelligent cables that ensure that you are connecting the jump starter to your car battery the right way. It includes many protections as well. The included protections are, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-charging protection, reverse-charge protection, over-discharge protection, overheating protection, reverse connection protection, and reverse-polarity protection.

Additional Features of Audew Charger

LED flashlight

The device comes with an LED flashlight for emergency situations. It has 3 modes, i.e. solid (normal), strobe, and SOS.

It doesn’t seem to be draining much of the battery power. I.e. You’ll get up to 30 min of the flashlight on about 1% battery capacity.

All usb ports

There is a total of 3 USB ports. In which, one is USB Type-C, and the other 2 are normal USB-A ports. The USB-C can be used for both input and output. I.e. You can charge the device with the USB-C and also charge other compatible devices with it. All of the USB ports have fast-charging capability if your device is compatible with quick charging.

15v/10a output port

Just beside the power button, a 12 volts output port is available. You can use it to plug the cigarette lighter adapter in and charge any 12v vehicle device that accepts it.

How to Jump-Start using Audew 2000A Jump Starter?

connecting to the battery

It is simple to jump-start your vehicle with the audew 2000A jump starter. You just need to plugin the jumper cables into the device and then connect them to the battery terminals. Keep in mind that the provided jumper cables are very short so the current doesn’t lose while charging.

There is a reverse-polarity protection system in the jumper cables, so you don’t need to worry about any sparking.

When you connect the jumper cables to the battery, it’ll show either green or red light on the jump starter to let you know if they are connected properly and you can start your vehicle or not.

Connecting to a car battery

The green light indicates that it is ready to start your vehicle. While the red light indicates a problem either with the improper connection or jump-starter itself. If the red light is on and buzzing, it means the connected cables are opposite, just swap the clamps.

If you notice no light on and no buzzing, you’ll need to check the connections properly and then push the boost button on the connector before turning on your vehicle’s engine. If the green light is on and the connector is buzzing, it also means that your vehicle needs the “Boost” button to be pushed before starting the car.

This portable jump starter is rated to fire up all gasoline engines and up to 8.5L diesel engines.

Audew 2000A power bank

If you want to charge your electronic gadgets with it, the Audew 2000A is also a portable and powerful power bank. You can use the USB-C to charge your other devices or USB-A as well. All USB ports have quick charge capabilities that enable fast charging for your compatible devices.

The number of times and number of other electronic gadgets charged by Audew 2000A depends on the battery capacities of those devices. The Audew 2000A gives 20000mAh battery capacity.

The standby charging duration for the Audew 2000A is rated up to 12 months by its company. I.e. If you charge the device, and leave it without charging for up to 12 months, you’ll still be able to jump-start your car with it. But the company suggest to recharge it at least every 3 months. It takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge the device through the Type-C USB port.

What Customers Say about Audew 2000A

Customer reviews are a great way to judge the quality of a device. Because all must have used the device in a lot of different situations and many different environments.

The reviews about the Audew 2000A shows us that the device is pretty amazingly working for everyone. And, we can confidently say, that, it provides the quality that it advertises.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a premium portable jump starter. The Audew 2000A is highly recommended. It has a 20000mAh capacity with the ability to jump-start your vehicles of all gas and up to 8.5L diesel engines. It can be used as a battery bank for keeping your other electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, GPS, cameras, etc. charged.

The device also has an impressive 90 days money-back warranty if you are not satisfied, and up to 2 years of manufacturer warranty if there is any problem in your unit.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable, handy, and compact design
  • 2000A peak current and 20000mAh capacity
  • intelligent jumper cables
  • Built-in LED flashlight with 3 modes
  • 12V cigarette lighter adapter for 12v vehicle devices
  • USB Type-C for input/output
  • 24-months warranty + 90 days refund warranty
  • solid customer support
  • A bit smaller jumper cables
  • Clamps may be too bulky for certain vehicles/batteries
  • Dim LCD screen
  • The display is prone to scratches, as it has a transparent acrylic on it.

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  1. joe attardo

    I have a fire truck and both batteries were dead and when I connected the audew 2000A it started right up.I removed it from the batteries and the fire truck batteries did not even click when I turned the key .Connected the Audew jump start and it started right up again .I was vert impressed and could not believe,,. it started the fire truck.Usually when the fire truck needs a jump the only way I can start it is with my 7.3 Diesel truck which has 2 batteries and also needed a Stanley 500 jump start connected with it to jump it.It is hard to believe but the Audew 2000A jump start started it on its own

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