BEATIT B9-B-O Portable Jump Starter Review 2019

BEATIT B9-B-O Best Portable Battery Charger Review 2020

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BEATIT B9-B-O Best Portable Battery Charger (Power Bank, Battery Charger, & Vehicle Emergency Kit) Review 2020

When it comes to jump-starting a vehicle, you must be fully informed. A car jump starter is something that can be very helpful if you get stranded in a place where you can’t get any help from others. It is a very simple process to use a portable car battery charger.

All you need to do is simply connect it with your car’s battery and turn it on, and it will jump-start your vehicle immediately. Believe it or not but this tool is a must-have for everybody.

You can pull it out anytime and anywhere you need it, connect it to your vehicle’s battery, and it will jump-start your auto in no time.

Features Included In The Best Portable Battery Charger

The features that are included in the Portable Car Jump Starter are as follows:

600A Auto Jump Starter

This car jump starter is specifically designed for vehicles that support gas engines up to 5.5L gas. The vehicle can be any such as motorcycles, cars, boats, trucks and more.

Not just that but this auto jump starter is also very lightweight and compact. You can easily carry it with you everywhere very conveniently.

Advanced Safety Protection

Your very own jump starter also provides you with the advanced and best security protection. You can use it simply to jump-start your car without anybody’s assistance.

The BEATIT jump starter comes with intelligent jumper clamps and a safe lithium battery. Per charge, these can deliver up to thirty full power jump start.

The best about it is that the multiple levels of safety are used to protect it. Nothing occurs if you connect to a battery backward or touch the jaw clamps together.

14000mAH Power Bank

Not just for jump-starting your auto but you can also use this jump starter as a Battery Charger Power Bank. It comes with a built-in USB port that you can use for charging your other portable devices such as cell phones and tablets. It can charge the devices two times faster than the common power bank.

A Built-In Compass

Your very own car battery jump starter also comes with a built-in compass. Whenever you are traveling to a new place, there is always a possibility that you can get lost somewhere. Well if you own this device, there will be no tension of getting lost. The built-in compass will help you find your way very easily.

Bright Flashlight With SOS

This battery booster pack also features a flashlight. This flashlight can be very helpful in different situations. While traveling at night, you may get a flat tire or the battery may stop working all of a sudden.

In that darkness you need a flashlight to inspect your engine or change the flat tire or for even warning the other traveling vehicles that you are packed up on the side of a road. The BEATIT battery booster pack comes with multiple incorporated light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.

Safety Precautions

Before using any tool that is gonna be using power, you should take a few things in mind. Whether you are using a portable jump starter or a cable one, if you don’t take proper safety steps, it is dangerous and can destroy anything. Here are a few precautions you must keep in mind while using a Car Jump Starter:

  • First thing first, make sure that the ignition of the vehicle you are going to jump-start is off.
  • Also, make sure that the jump starter is in the off state.
  • For jump-starting a vehicle, you need to touch some parts of the jump starter. So make sure that the parts you are going to touch have enough rubber insulation covering.
  • You must also position your jump starter securely and safely near the battery you are going to jump-start. Securely in the manner, that it has zero possibility of falling over accidentally.
  • Lastly, make certain that the wires affixed to the jump starter are long enough to simply get to the battery without any risk of pulling off because of the anxiety.

BEATIT B9-B-O Best Portable Battery Charger Review 2019

About The Smart Battery Jaw Clamp!

When you connect the clamps to the battery of your car make sure that you do this correctly. After connecting the clamps correctly and turning on the power button, you will see a green light which means it’s secure to continue.

But if you don’t see the green light then make sure to do it properly. If it still can’t work, then perhaps you can try to push the switch beside the LED light to enforce retune to keep the light green and jump-start the vehicle. But we do not suggest you do that.

The Risks Of Jump Starting

Of course, while jump-starting your car there are some risks you can face. Two major risks can cause injury to yourself and damage to the car.

But if you keep the before mentioned safety precautions in mind, you can stay away from the loss. For instance, if you touch the metal part of your jump starter while it is on, you may experience an electric burn or shock.

You can also damage your car if you attach the cables the wrong way. It can cause a battery explosion. So always make sure to keep the safer measures in mind and do the jump-starting process correctly.

  • Jumpstart a dead battery in seconds
  • An LED flashlight with 3 light modes
  • 2 USB Ports
  • LED flashlight
  • Built-in Compass
  • Cables are short in length

The Bottom Line

Well, there is no doubt that you need a Vehicle Emergency Kit that can help you anywhere and anytime. A battery jump starter is very helpful when you are traveling alone to a faraway place from the city and can’t find any help.

Some people don’t like taking any favor from others. Well if you are one such person, then this is the best option for you. You can simply pull out this tool, connect it with the battery and start your car again without anybody’s assistance.

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