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DBPOWER Peak 12000mAh 500A Auto Battery Booster Review 2021

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Auto battery booster

You may have seen or experienced at least once in your life an auto jump start. This job is done generally by using jumper cables, but for that, you need a car with a healthy working battery to jump-start some other car with a dead battery.

But today you can find more modern ways to jump-start your auto. You just need an Auto Battery Booster which you can plug into your battery and jump start your car without getting help from anyone else.

The battery jump starters provide a lot of benefits to the users. You can pull them out anywhere in need and get your car jump-started.

Features Of The DBPOWER Portable Jump Starter

The DBPOWER jump starter is no doubt one of the best portable car jump starters. But what features does it support? Let’s see it!

It Can Jump Start 2.5L Diesel Or 3L gas Engines

Whenever you get stranded somewhere you can’t find any help to jump-start your vehicle, make sure you and your family get home safely. You must have a DBPOWER jump starter with you.

With a 500A peak jump starter, you can easily jump start your 2.5L diesel and 3L gas engines for up to almost twenty times only on a single charge. It has advanced intelligent jumper clamps that can attach to your car’s battery firmly.

Powerful LED Light

Instead of just jump-starting your auto it has another amazing feature, an LED light. A light can be really helpful in a situation where you are traveling at night, and your car stops working in the middle of nowhere.

You can simply pull this jump starter out, turn the light on, and start a jump start. It can also help you when you are on a picnic, camping, investigation, or some other outdoor adventure. The LED flashlight on this jump starter has three modes strobe, high, and SOS.

Smarter And Faster Battery Charger

Not just a battery booster or with a flashlight, this portable car battery jump starter also has a smarter and faster battery charger. It means that whenever you are traveling if your phone’s battery dies, you can charge it.

It has a smart USB port, and it comes with a 2.4A USB output. The USB port has a capacity of about 12000mAh which is great to charge your tablets, cell phones, and kindles, etc.

Not just that, you can also utilize this battery booster to charge your laptop with eight in one laptop adapters. This adapter is included in the package.

LCD Screen And Compass

This battery jump starter also has an LCD screen which indicates the output voltage and remaining power. This makes it better for you to best use the power.

Also, this battery booster comes with a compass on the surface. A compass is very important because you never know when you can get lost in the wild especially when you are new to someplace. This compass can help you a lot in finding your way back home or to safety.

Ultra-Compact And Conventional Package

The battery sump starter is light enough to carry anywhere with you, and it is also compact so that you can store it in your car or even in the glove box.

It also has a yellow strap which makes it easy for you to hold. This unit is also secured in a semi-hard case which is made of fabulous quality material.

DBPower Portable Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Booster Review 2019


  • Do not jump-start any engine that goes beyond the max dislocation the unit can withstand, or it’ll reason serious issues to your unit.
  • Do not connect the negative and positive division when it is power on.
  • The jump starter will do best when the battery is completely charged. If less than twenty-five percent charged, it might not be capable of starting the engine.
  • Read the instruction warily before utilizing the jump starter.
  • Do not crank your engine for more than four seconds. Let your jump starter to cool down for at least thirty seconds after every jump-start.


The following are a few key specs of this best portable car battery jump starter:

  • Product Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions (in inches): 3.9 x 9.7 x 4.9
  • Capacity 12000mAh
  • Peak 500A

Benefits Of Mini Jump Starters

Here are a few benefits of mini jump starters:

  • Mini jump starters are safer than battery chargers and jumper cables. These jump starters are particularly designed to jump-start your auto anytime you need them. Mini jump starter may also have built-in safety features that can tell you when you hook up cable the wrong way.
  • Mini jump starters are also cost-effective as compared to the big ones. You can find a variety of features and styles at a very affordable price. With only a little investment on the mini jump starter, you don’t need to call a tow truck or a mechanic to come to your rescue which can cost you a lot of your hard-earned money.
  • There are also different features that you can consider. Some of the mini jump starters come with an LED flashlight which can be a lifesaver when you get stranded in darkness or when you are on a picnic, camping, or any other outdoor activity. The mini jump starters can also have a compass that can lead you back home or at least to safety when you are lost in the wild.
  • One of the main benefits of mini jump starters is that they can jump-start your auto multiple times on a single charge.
  • Intelligent Protection Clamps
  • Smart Portable Charger
  • Multi-functional LED Flashlight
  • Compact portable size
  • Compass
  • Not Foldable
  • The jumper cables are short

The Bottom Line

Believe it or not but this Auto battery booster is the best you can ever get. It can help you anywhere when you need to jump-start your car. You don’t even need someone else to come to your rescue. You can simply plug it in and have it jump-start your auto.

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